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Mentally Disabled Victim Let Rapist Gets Off

9 October 2009
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A man was accused of molesting a young woman had all charges against him dropped after the judges ruled that the mentally handicapped woman who was mentally unable to accuse him of any crimes.

The 60-year-old man, an unemployed resident of Miyagi prefecture, is alleged to have offered a 20-year-old woman a lift in his car, but after driving off with her he is accused of molesting her.

Charges of indecent assault and kidnapping were filed against him based on the woman’s testimony.

However, judges ordered all charges be dropped, ruling that as the victim was mentally impaired she was not capable of accusing her supposed assailant of the crimes.

Both crimes required the victim, apparently the only witness in the case, to formally accuse the defendant of his crime. With the victim ruled incapable of accusing her assailant , the case was dismissed with the man sentenced to only a 16 days of jail. (I think….)

This leaves me to think, did the the man know about her mental disability and made use of it? Or was it just his luck…

Via Yomiuri

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