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Happy Birthday Yukiji-Chan^^

10 November 2009


Happy Birthday Yukiji-chan^^ Although Yukiji did not have much air time as compared to other main cast in Hayate no Gotoku, I find her very funny and  hilarious person. 

  • Birthday: November 10
  • Age: 28
  • Height: 165 cm
  • Weight: 49 kg
  • Blood type: B

Katsura Yukiji is the twenty-eight year old sister of Hinagiku. She is a world history teacher at Hakuō Academy and doubles as a twenty-four-hour gate guard. She refuses to let Hayate enter the school when they first meet because she is afraid that letting unauthorized personnel on campus will result in a salary deduction for her. Her attitude softens after Hayate first saves her from falling off the clock tower, but she still almost causes Hayate to be rejected from Hakuō by unnecessarily making him anxious during his entrance exam. She repays Hayate by telling everyone in her class on Hayate’s first day that he is a super cool person. She has a group of underachieving students (Izumi, Miki, and Risa) who hang out with her a lot. She lives on the Hakuō campus; she tells Hayate that she does this so that she can save rent money and use that money to buy alcohol instead. It is a recurring gag that she will do anything for money, going as far as to allow an evil spirit to possess her because it told her it would give her a million yen. When Makimura Shiori is sent to teach at Hakuō, Yukiji is demoted to sub-homeroom teacher. She later regains her postion as homeroom teacher when Makimura is promoted to a higher position.

In the extras of volume four of the manga, the author writes that before starting the Hayate no Gotoku! manga, he had created a one-shot manga where the story is about a female high-school student and her little sister trying to pay back a 80 million Yen debt, then writes that these characters are, in fact, Yukiji and Hinagiku.

Via Wiki

Here are some of here funny expressions XD enjoy

snapshot20091110003032Her 1st appearance in episode 1

snapshot20091110003515Episode 13 when she screw up Hayate’s exam

snapshot20091110003818Complaining to Hina in Episode 14

snapshot20091110003837Beaten up by Hina when she enter the room when Hina was changing XD in Episode 14

snapshot20091110003726Confessing her crimes XD in Episode 14

snapshot20091110004309Challenging Hayate in Episode 23

snapshot20091110004537Hahas when she was young XD believe it or not

snapshot20091110004550And now she is… XD

snapshot20091110004751The 4 of them are just great gag combo

snapshot20091110004834Her plan to help Maria and Hayate get married in Episode 35


She complaining about her pay XD in Season 2 Episode 2

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