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Watching Evangelion 2.0 on Friday the 13th

13 November 2009


It was sunny day yesterday until I left my house for Cathay Cineleisure Orchard where it started raining cats and dogs. Well since the period between November and December are rainy season in Singapore, I can more or less expect it to rain. But on my way there I missed 2 trains!?!?

Then I missed the 2nd screening time slot and have to wait for 2hours just for the next show!?!? To make things worst, Cathay Cineleisure Orchard building does not have any shelter linking to other buildings. (Its raining and I don’t want to get wet) I have to shop the same shops over and over again while waiting.

Thank god I bought my PSP to kill time.

After that nothing really much happen and the movie was like totally AWESOME!!! In the preview of the 2nd movie (Shown in the 1st) they mention that they will be giving lots more service in the 2nd movie. And indeed they did^^

On the whole Evangelion 2.0 is one movie any otaku shouldn’t miss. The action pack fight scenes and service^^ especially Asuka XD is a must watch.


Some thing happened to Asuka giving her less air time in the 2nd half of the movie >.< But she will be fine as the preview of the 3rd movie revealed so.DSC01261

Looks like Kagami is too shy to come out and join the fun^^

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