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AFA09: Summer Wars + Lucky Loot^^

23 November 2009

Here are some pictures of Mr. Mamoru Hosoda‘s upcoming movie, Summer Wars, Booth at the AFA09. I also added some pictures of my lucky loot^^

After attending Mr. Mamoru Hosoda’s Summer Wars Q & A Session, I went out to the AFA Booth to grab a copy of the movie book and was lucky enough to get my hands on the last copy at 12.12pm. Then the lady at the booth told me to rush to booth A07 for Mr. Mamoru Hosoda’s autograph session which will start at 12.15pm and only the first 15 fans will get it.

I rush there as quickly as I could and started queuing at 12.16pm. And guess what, I manage to be the 15th fan to get his autograph xD Later I got a little chat with him in person. Of course, with the help of his translator as my Japanese is still a long way to understand what Mr. Mamoru Hosoda was saying but I can understand a little though^^ I also got to take a photo with him^^ (Not showing xP)

Can’t wait to watch his upcoming movie. I really hope it will be aired in Singapore >.<

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