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Love Plus Ended Marriage With Divorce

1 December 2009

A man whose marriage ended thanks to virtual schoolgirl sim Love Plus, has explained the traumatic effect of Nene on his relationship with his wife.
Here’s his description of how the marriage ended:

I did write that I divorced, but we haven’t actually filed the papers, rather I just returned to my family home. I’m a 29-year-old systems engineer, with no children and a 28-year-old wife. It seems exaggerated to say Love Plus is to blame, but still it went like this:
I kept coming home late every night.
My wife became enraged.
I said “Rather than you I think I’d much rather be welcomed home kindly by Nene-san!”
Marriage ends.
After I said it, I thought “I’ve done it now,” but my wife was already looking at me like I was dirt, with a “this guy’s no good” look in her eyes.

He fell for his wife’s lovely expression simple to “how Taiga looked at Ami in the fifth episode of Toradora!”
He also describes later how he barely managed to resolve matters with his wife, and presumably Nene as well. xD


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