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Truck Driver Arrested For Urinating Into Woman’s Apartment

13 December 2009
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If you think only animals pee to mark their territory think again…. Police on Friday arrested a truck driver (Yuuki Oshima,22) Friday after he urinated on a towel at the door of the apartment of the woman he liked.

When asked, Oshima admits to the charges and said, “I absolutely went crazy for her the first time I saw her, and just did it.”

Oshima told police that he first saw the woman on the street in Noda during mid-August, but didn’t speak to her or try to approach her. The woman had reported to police that from late August, her doorbell would often ring in the middle of the night and she would sometimes find urine inside the entrance to her apartment.

Looks like rabbits are not the only ones that mark their loved ones with pee xD

Via JapanToday

Hope my japanese is still alright^^;i’m still in the midst of learning so please correct me if I have any errors^^

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  1. 13 December 2009 10:27 pm

    begining 2 sound liek sankaku complex

    • ifigma permalink*
      13 December 2009 10:31 pm

      So is that a good or bad^^;;
      Hmm.. I just post about interesting thing about Japan from time to time
      Maybe I should do a poll about what readers like… xD

  2. 22 February 2010 10:04 pm

    wow this girl is like me when i was kid i was doing in my pants
    then get a spank without pants from my grandad and noe i get spank from my bpy friend he loves sex

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