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2 January 2010

Here’s Mizuki Nana’s DISCOTHEQUE PV. This song is the opening theme for Rosario + Vampire II. I’m not really a big fan of this anime but I am for this song. She has got awesome voice and gorgeous looks, there is no doubt that she one of my favorite singer. \(*^^*)/

I have also uploaded a video of the opening for Rosario + Vampire II. Watch the PV and this opening and compare their similarities. \( ^ ^)/

These 2 videos are just wondrous. The way both the 2D and 3D singer moves and sway their bodies are just absolutely gorgeous. Everytime I watch this 2 videos I will get so mesmerise that I have to watch it again. I’m not thinking of anything other than the charm of Moka and Mizuki, I swear (▼、▼メ)

I was so crazy over this song that I went to get the CD. I telling you that Mizuki Nana’s songs are incredibly addictive. At one point in time, I almost went to my local HMV store to get more of her albums. But after looking in my wallet… I go like (;゜Д゜) I’ll get you next time… and the time I know will never come ( ;_;)

Lastly here’s a video of Miku trying very hard to sing and dance to this song^^ It is just so astonishing that with some computer application, you can do a video with Hatsune Miku singing and dancing to this song using some computer software I have no idea what. Maybe it’s Vocaloid who knows xD
Anyway although Miku looks cute and adoble in this video, she still sound too far a away from the real thing
Miku try harder (〃 ̄ー ̄)/

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