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Kanji Weekly 01

6 January 2010

Hi everyone! I will be starting starting a new series on called “Kanji Weekly“. In each Kanji Weekly, there will about 20 vocabularies and all we have to do is to remember 3 everyday. For each of the new characters we learn we can come up with a sentence to apply it. This way we can not only speed up the learning process but also learn some grammar at the same time. By the end of one year we would have learnt more than 1000 vocabulary characters!! I just finished my JLPT 4 but my Japanese is still weak. So for those who know Japanese, please do correct me if I make a mistake.

This series was inspired after I read Danny Choo‘s Learning Japanese article. I realise that I need to use it daily to be able to master it. That is how I came to a conclusion of using Japanese this way ^^ This way I can blog and learn Japanese myself!!

For starters, we will be looking at a list of Hiragana and Katakana. They are some thing like alphabet in the Japanese Language so please memorise them!

Hiragana Katakana

Since this is the 1st series, I will be learning basic vocabulary^^ For those advance learners please bear with it^^;;


1. 名詞

  • Reading: めいし
  • Meaning: Noun

2. アメリカ

  • Reading: アメリカ
  • Meaning: America

3. イギリス

  • Reading: イギリス
  • Meaning: England


4. インドネシア
  • Reading: インドネシア
  • Meaning: Indonesia
5. 英語
  • Reading: えいご
  • Meaning: English
6. 鉛筆
  • Reading: えんぴつ
  • Meaning: Pencil


7. オートバイ
  • Reading: オートバイ
  • Meaning: Motocycle
8. 中国
  • Reading: ちゅうごく
  • Meaning: China
9. 男
  • Reading: おとこ
  • Meaning: Man


10. 女
  • Reading: おんな
  • Meaning: Women
11. 学生
  • Reading: がくせい
  • Meaning: Student
12. 傘
  • Reading: かさ
  • Meaning: Umbrella


13. 学校
  • Reading: がっこう
  • Meaning: School
14. 鞄
  • Reading: かばん
  • Meaning: Bag
15. 銀行
  • Reading: ぎんこう
  • Meaning: Bank


16. 消しゴム
  • Reading: けしゴム
  • Meaning: Eraser
17. 雑誌
  • Reading: ざっし
  • Meaning: Magazine
18. 辞書
  • Reading: じしょ
  • Meaning: Dictionary


19. 自転車
  • Reading: じてんしゃ
  • Meaning: Bicycle
20. 数学
  • Reading: すうがく
  • Meaning: Mathematics
21. 先生
  • Reading: せんせい
  • Meaning: Teacher
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  1. ifigma permalink*
    6 January 2010 10:56 pm

    Let me start the ball rolling with this^^ Quite embarrassing because my Japanese is very weak and the example sentence I can think of is pretty lame^^;

    America and England are nouns. Do you know that?

    Is Darwin an Indonesian?
    I wrote a English book with a pencil.

    Is the man on the motorcycle a Chinese?

    Please correct me if I’m wrong ^^;

  2. 11 July 2013 5:21 pm

    Kanji Weekly 01 | ifigma – My Secret Otaku Life

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