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Shoko Nakagawa’s Otakuology「中川 翔子のヲタク学」

6 February 2010

Here’s a SUPER interesting video I found online a few days ago.
In this video, Nakagawa Shoko is really funny, especially the part where she made Akiko cosplay with her xD

中川 翔子は「イイ~。そうです、おじょうさま。」と言いました。
中川 翔子は「これ綾波 レイですよ。おじょうさま似合うと思った!」と返事した。

きゃはははっ!きゃはは((o(>▽<)o)) きゃははっ♪きゃはは

It’s so funny that I had to add it on to my iPhone and watch it on my way back home^^ And the best part is no matter how many time you watch it, it never fail to amaze me^^

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