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January 2010 Loot

10 February 2010
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Here’s my January loot. \(^.^)/ Have been hell busy lately… and up till now I still find time to open my figures from December, not speaking of those that came this month >.<

Anyway, the box was open together with one of my secondary friend. It’s been a while since we last talked so after we opened the box, we had a nice chat^^ Ahh.. it really brings back memories when you talk to your secondary friends xD

Back to topic, I let the pictures do the talking o(^.^)o

If you are wondering how tall is my table, here’s the answer. I use a make-shift chabudai to do my work (It’s actually a coffee table^^;)

Figure List

– SuperCell feat. Miku Hatsune: World is Mine (GoodSmile Company)

– Black★Rock Shooter (GoodSmile Company)

– Aisaka Taiga Contest Ver. (Wave) – My friend’s

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