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About Me is a platform for me to share with people and friends the awesome aspect of Japanese otaku culture. Covering almost everything from anime & manga, to jpop artists, and also updates on the latest figurine releases.

All in all, this blog maps almost all the Anime, Manga, Figures, and Otaku News from Japan. - 45320 fate_stay_night fate_unlimited_codes saber saber_lily

About ifigma

I’m currently studying in a Junior College in Singapore and of course, at the same time trying to juggle my otaku life. I’m also currently doing my JLPT 4 at JCS (Japanese Cultural Society) and will taking the examination this coming December 2009. Hope I do well >.<

I enjoy watching a wide variety of anime and every week I try to put aside time for 3-5 episodes. And of course manga too.

I’m able to able to converse in English, Chinese, and maybe a little in Japanese. Hopefully I will be able to master it in future. XD So if you ever any questions, comments and queries, contact me at my YouTube account ( or at ifigma[a] or even at Crunchyroll (My Group)

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