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Boy With Gender Identity Disorder Allowed To Attend School As Girl

15 February 2010

Have anyone thought of crossdressing and go to school as a girl before? Well here’s a story where a boy with gender identity disorder allowed to attend school as girl

SAITAMA — An 8-year-old who was born a biological boy and suffers from mental problems caused by gender identity disorder has attended a public elementary school as a girl since last fall, a local education board in Saitama Prefecture said Friday.

The decision was made to make school life comfortable for the second grader who has had a desire to ‘‘become a girl’’ since kindergarten and begun to feel distress after entering the elementary school at having to stand to use the restroom, officials of the board said.

The school continues to keep him designated as a boy on its register.

There has been a case in Hyogo Prefecture where a boy was accepted to school as a female student. But making such a change while a student is in school is extremely rare in Japan, where schools generally struggle to cope with the agony students face with the disorder.

The boy in Saitama was diagnosed in March last year as having gender identity disorder, a term used to describe people facing a gap between their biological and mental sex identities, and his doctor recommended treating him as a girl so that he can adjust to school life.

After the diagnosis, the school told its students about the boy and the circumstances arising from his problems in September last year when they returned from summer break. His mother also explained the situation to the parents of his classmates and obtained their understanding, the sources said.

Via Japantoday


Ban-chan, The Dog That Enjoys Sitting On Top of The Wall

15 February 2010

Ban-chan is a dog that lives in Ibaraki prefecture with a very special habit. It enjoys sitting onto of the wall by herself. Still wondering why she likes it…? Maybe she realised it had a good view on top.

Do you like dogs? Have you ever wanted a dog this cute and adorable?

Woman Strolls Down Streets With ¥70,000,000 In Cart

12 February 2010

I’m speechless…. ¥70,000,000 is like more than 700,000USD… You can get a really nice house here in Singapore with that much money. Still can’t imagine how that sum of money can fit in her shopping cart. It must really look like a mountain of notes. xD Read more…

Wonder Festival 2010 Winter: Part 5 Kotobukiya PVC

12 February 2010

Here’s a picture of the Kotobukiya booth at Wonderfest 2010 Winter

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Wonder Festival 2010 Winter: Part 4 Alter PVC

12 February 2010

Some lovely K-ON! girls Read more…

Aisaka Taiga Contest Ver. Review

12 February 2010

Here’s a photo review of Aisaka Taiga Contest Ver. by Wave requested from one of my readers^^ Will hope to hear more about your preferences. Just mail me or leave a comment, I’ll see what I can do about it and get back to you.

Taiga comes with 3 different faces, “Happy”, “Sadly Smiling” and “Sad”. My favorite is the Happy one though :3

As a whole, this figure of Taiga is really well made. The details and colouring are extraordinary well balanced too. She  can easily be one of the best figures of her you can find in the market now. Read more…

Wonder Festival 2010 Winter: Part 3 GoodSmile Company PVC

12 February 2010

Black★Rock Shooter

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